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Do you know when to call an emergency plumber?

One of the questions we get here at Wake Forest Plumbing Company is what plumbing situations constitute emergency situations. We want you to know we are emergency plumbers with 24-hour response ability because we understand there are many issues that can’t and shouldn’t wait until normal business hours. Here are a few cases in which we are happy to provide emergency response.

Emergency Plumber in Wake Forest, North Carolina
  • No Water- Provided it isn’t a case of your water being shut off by the water company or a main line break that they will be handling, an emergency plumber from our company will be happy to come out to resolve this issue. While it might not seem like an emergency to some people, we know how disruptive having no access to water can be to your life.
  • Broken Pipe- Sometimes a broken pipe can be quickly dealt with temporarily by turning off the valve that feeds it, so you don’t end up with several inches of water in your home or business. You may or may not want to wait until normal business hours if you can get it shut off, but you definitely do not want to wait if you cannot get the water turned off or if you have no access to water once you do.
  • Peace of Mind- It isn’t always the nature of the plumbing problem that constitutes a need for an emergency plumber. Maybe the circumstances don’t warrant immediate response, but if it is leaving you anxious and unable to sleep or you won’t be available during business hours, don’t hesitate to contact us to send an emergency plumber to your Wake Forest, North Carolina home or business.

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