Four Times to Call a Plumber Right Away

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While some plumbing dilemmas like a temperamental faucet or clogged drain may seem annoying but tolerable to deal with later, certain situations require immediate assistance from a plumber before severe property damage or health hazards arise.

Four Times to Call a Plumber Right Away

Here are a few examples of times you should call a professional plumber immediately:

  1. Burst Water Pipes and Major Leaks. Coming home to discover water rapidly flooding from split pipes or openings in the ceiling necessitates quick action. Flooding ruins flooring, carpets, walls, furnishings, and personal belongings quickly, while also enabling dangerous mold growth in as little as 48 hours. If this happens to you, turn your water off at the shut-off valve and call us right away.
  2. Backed-Up Sewer Lines. Few situations create more household chaos and health risks than sewer drain backups flooding toilets or sewage spouting up through shower and sink drains. Overflowing sewage cannot be contained through casual mopping or DIY snaking attempts. A plumber uses industrial vacuums and powerful augers to clear obstructions and sanitize the mess waterborne illnesses breed in.
  3. Total Fixture Shut-Downs. Losing water supply to all fixtures, discovering frozen or ruptured pipes during frigid weather, or having all your drains cease functioning can be a nightmare. Our technicians must methodically assess whether pipes require thawing, heat wrapping, seal repairs, or auguring.
  4. Faulty Water Heaters. While tiny drips may seem harmless at first, untreated water heater leaks can rapidly erode surrounding structures and turn to gushing floods when tanks crack. Even slower water mineral buildup or overheating issues can permanently damage systems. Timely repairs by qualified experts prevent total replacements.

While more mundane plumbing troubles seem simpler for motivated homeowners to troubleshoot by watching video tutorials, certain catastrophic situations can jeopardize health, structures, and investments without swift response. By knowing when to call a plumber immediately, far worse outcomes can be averted. When in doubt, reach out to our plumbers at Wake Forest Plumbing Company to contain dangers, and we’ll be there to help as soon as possible.