Replacing Faucets: What You Should Know First

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Over time, faucets get coated in mineral deposits, require frequent tightening from loose joints, suffer reduced water pressure, or simply feel outdated. Although swapping out old faucets for new ones seems like an easy DIY project, homeowners often fail when attempting installation or replacement without input from a professional plumber first.

Replacing Faucets: What You Should Know First

Here’s what to consider before DIY new faucet installation, what often goes wrong, and why it makes sense to call for expert to replace those faucets:

  • Match it Up. Make sure your selected new faucet model matches your sink type before purchasing. Standard designs may not partner well with fancy sinks or certain countertop materials. Bring sink and countertop information when buying your replacement faucet.
  • Make Sure the Plumbing Fits. Realize not all replacement faucets provide compatible plumbing line connections with existing shut-off valves, hot water pipes, supply lines, and drainage setups beneath. Mismatched parts require additional upgrades.
  • Don’t Forget Sink Washers and O-rings. These must be replaced during your project for watertight seals, or leaks will continue after the new faucets are in place.
  • Check for Functioning Shutoff Valves Before Starting. Corroded or stuck water supply shutoffs unable to turn off when removing the old faucet can lead to major complications.
  • Other Challenges. Replacing sink connections or countertop hardware poses extra challenges. Severe damage makes removing old fixtures problematic, while special-order sinks require custom faucet drilling and parts.

At Wake Forest Plumbing Company, we certainly understand the appeal of a DIY project to update your faucets with new ones. But when it comes to faucet replacement, variables beyond simply attaching the fixture itself require consideration for both functionality and avoiding water damage hazards. We are always happy to provide cost-effective faucet installation and repair services, ensuring your new faucets work flawlessly.