Signs It’s Time for Water Heater Replacement

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It could be argued that water heaters are one of your most-used appliances. Most homes and businesses come equipped with a water heater that works night and day to ensure that hot water is available when needed. Much of the time, water heaters are tucked out of sight, possibly in a closet, and aren’t given much thought … until something starts to go wrong. That’s when you might need to pay attention to determine if a water heater replacement is necessary.

Signs It’s Time for Water Heater Replacement

Here are a few signs it’s time for water heater replacement:

  • No Hot Water – One of the first signs water heater replacement may be needed is if there is no hot water. While this can sometimes mean a simple replacement part, your plumber will also be able to determine if there is a bigger problem that requires a new installation.
  • Leaking Water – If your water heater is leaking water, that’s a good indicator that one or more of the parts have malfunctioned. You’ll want to call on a plumber right away to ensure that your home doesn’t flood, causing water damage in addition to having no hot water. This is almost always a sure sign it’s time for water heater replacement.
  • Strange Noises & Odors – If you notice strange noises and odors coming from the space where your water heater is stored, you should definitely pay attention. While it may be tempting to see if the problem persists or goes away on its own, it may be worth calling a plumber right away to prevent the need for immediate water heater replacement. If you do need to replace your water heater, you will have caught the problem early before it becomes a larger issue.

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