Signs You Need a Water Heater Replacement

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Are you experiencing issues with your water temperature? You may need a water heater replacement. Having a functional water heater is essential for daily tasks like taking a shower or doing the dishes. Here are the top signs that indicate you need a water heater replacement.

Signs You Need a Water Heater Replacement

  • Rusty Water – If you notice rust in your hot water, your water heater may be rusting on the inside. If your water heater begins to rust, there is the possibility of a leak soon to come. If you are noticing rust in not only your hot water but your cold water as well, then this is a different issue than a water heater and we recommend talking to a professional.
  • Not Enough Hot Water – Does your hot water run out quickly when you are taking a shower? The lack of hot water supply is one of the most common signs that you are in need of a water heater replacement.
  • Noise – As water heaters age, sediment starts to build up. As the sediment buildup is heated and reheated over time it hardens and takes up space within your water heater. When this occurs, it is common to notice loud noise and rambling coming from your water heater.
  • Leaks – If you notice your water heater is leaking you might want to look into replacing your water heater right away. Leaks can be very serious and cause damage within your home. In addition, we recommend having someone inspect your home to ensure that the leaks aren’t coming from an additional source.

We at Wake Forest Plumbing Company hope these signs help guide you in your decision if you need a water heater replacement. If you have any questions regarding water heater replacement or repair, please give our team a call!