Three Questions Your Plumber Will Ask You

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Any time you need to call a plumber, you already know you have an issue that needs professional help. As you plan to make the call, you may want to be prepared to answer a few questions for your plumbing professional so they will know how to address your plumbing problem more effectively and efficiently.

Three Questions Your Plumber Will Ask You

Here are three common questions a plumber will ask you when you call for services:

  1. Is the issue urgent? The first question you’ll need to answer is whether your plumbing concern is an emergency. While all plumbing issues can be frustrating, that doesn’t always mean they require immediate service. For example, if you have running water that is flooding your home, you need a plumber urgently. If your garbage disposal has stopped working, you can probably wait for a later service time.
  2. How long has the problem persisted? If you have an ongoing plumbing problem, it will be helpful for your plumber to know how long you’ve been experiencing issues and if you’ve had the same problem worked on before. Knowing that you have a new or persistent issue and whether you’ve called on a plumber prior to this call will help your service technician determine the scope of the problem they are dealing with.
  3. What caused the damage? Your plumber may also ask you what caused the damage to your plumbing fixture or appliance so they can determine what parts they may need to bring to correct the problem. If you aren’t sure what happened specifically, you’ll want to give as much information as you can about the issue. For example, you may be able to tell them about a faucet handle not turning on and off properly or a strange noise coming from the pipes to help give them an idea.

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