Top Reasons for a Toilet Replacement

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It may be built to do one of the dirtiest jobs in your home, but your toilet can still be something you take pride in. Toilets that are uncomfortable, inefficient, or in constant need of a repair are not worth keeping. Here are a few reasons why it may be time for a toilet replacement:

  • Comfort: Trying to sit on a wobbly toilet seat is uncomfortable and can be scary for toddlers who are just learning. It also may result in a messier cleanup job when it’s time to clean the bathroom. You may not realize how much time you spend sitting on your toilet, but when you choose a more comfortable toilet, you’ll be surprised how much it can improve your potty time.Top Reasons for a Toilet Replacement
  • Inefficient: If you have kids who tend to flush too much toilet paper, you’ll definitely understand the frustration that comes from an inefficient toilet. If you’re spending a lot of time plunging and unclogging, it may be time for a toilet replacement.
  • Age: Even with regular cleaning, over time your toilet can become stained. Older toilets may also not meet current federal law regulations, which require you replace any toilets built before 1994 that hold more than 1.6 gallons.
  • Cleanliness: Many people have begun opting for toilets that are mounted to the wall to make it easier to clean the floor underneath and keep the space sanitary.
  • Water conservation: Many people opt for toilets that use less water. You can find toilets that have separate flushing options depending on the water pressure needed.

When you’re ready for a toilet replacement, give us a call at Wake Forest Plumbing Company. We know you will be more than pleased with our quick and highly professional installation process.