Unique Reasons to Change Your Water Heater [infographic]

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At Wake Forest Plumbing Company, we understand the urgency of replacing a water heater that is no longer functioning or when the repair costs make it more feasible to replace it. What we want to share with you is that there can be other reasons why you might want to either install a second water heater or replace the one you have, even if it is functioning fine. Here are some unique situations in which it might be a grand idea to make a change.

Unique Reasons to Change Your Water Heater [infographic]
  • Installing a New Soaker Tub- If your bathroom renovation included a soaker tub or other larger-than-normal tub, you’ll want to be sure your water heater can produce enough hot water to fill it. If it won’t, the solution is to upgrade to a water heater with a larger tank.
  • Layout Change Renovation- It is not uncommon these days to renovate older homes by changing the layout completely. If your bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room will now be far apart from one another, putting in a second water heater can save you waiting a long time for the hot water to arrive at the furthest point.
  • Family Size Increase- If your family has grown in size by having or adopting children, having an older parent move in, or some other situation, your current water heater may not produce enough hot water to accommodate everyone. Instead of fighting over the shower, consider upgrading or adding a second water heater if you have a split floor plan.
  • Family Size Decrease- When it comes down to just one or two people in the home, a large water heater may be unnecessary. Swapping to a smaller water heater can save you money and make the investment worth it.
  • Gain New Features- There are a few new bells and whistles on the newest water heaters, and if you are someone who likes to have the latest and greatest things in your home, it might be worth finding out what’s out there.