What Does Kitchen Plumbing Cover?

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When you think of calling for a plumber, you probably think of having a professional come fix the problems in your bathroom. However, the bathroom isn’t the only room for a plumber to work in. Kitchen plumbing can be very helpful and essential in making sure your kitchen is functioning properly. Here are a few things that a kitchen plumber can handle:

  • Sink: Maybe you want to install a new sink, or perhaps your sink keeps making these strange, gurgling noises. Both fall under kitchen plumbing services. A plumber can install your sink, unclog your sink drains, and make sure waste is flowing through the pipes the way it should.

What Does Kitchen Plumbing Cover?

  • Garbage disposal: Though this is a part of your sink, garbage disposals are also a whole other appliance by itself. If you’re finding bad smells or water leaking from your disposal, call for a plumber to either repair or replace your garbage disposal.
  • Dishwasher: Just like your sink and garbage disposal, your dishwasher can get clogged or damaged. You might also hear strange sounds coming from your dishwasher. Depending on your dishwasher, you might just need repairs, or you might need to get the whole appliance replaced.
  • Plumbing system: All of these appliances flow into the pipes that make up the plumbing system. Having a plumber inspect your pipes could save you from your current inconveniences and potentially bigger problems.

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