What to Look for in a Plumbing Contractor

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Here at Wake Forest Plumbing Company, we know from experience that plumbing issues are something that you want to get resolved in a hurry. Not only are plumbing problems unpleasant to live with, if left unaddressed for too long they can actually endanger your health. Naturally, you want to fix the problem right away, and that means finding a qualified plumbing contractor to do the job. We know that the time pressure tends to make this process pretty stressful, so to help you make it as easy as possible, we at Wake Forest Plumbing Company have put together a list of qualities you should look for in a plumbing contractor.

finding a qualified plumbing contractor to do the job
  • License- The first thing you should ask when looking for a plumber is whether they have the right licenses for the kind of work that you need. Proper licensing is a way to ensure that people in all trades can reliably produce the results you need, so any plumbing contractor who declines to provide this documentation is probably someone you want to pass on.
  • Hourly vs. Flat Rate- Another question to ask potential plumbing contractors is whether the total price they are quoting you is a flat or an hourly rate. An hourly rate is based on time plus materials, while a flat rate won’t change due to labor costs. If you don’t want to pay more because a job ran long, try to find someone who offers a flat sum.
  • Warranty- When looking for a plumbing contractor, it’s also a good idea to look for someone who offers a warranty on their work. No one wants to pay for a leaky pipe to be fixed only to have it start leaking again within a month. A warranty offers you protection against that possibility and is a sign that the plumbing contractor is confident in their work.

We at Wake Forest Plumbing Company hope that this helps you in your search for a plumbing contractor . Of course, if you’re in the Wake Forest, North Carolina area, you can always turn to our team.