When Home Renovations Meet Plumbing Renovations: What You Need to Know

HomeBlogWhen Home Renovations Meet Plumbing Renovations: What You Need to Know

Renovating your home can be both exciting and stressful. It is a multifaceted operation requiring experts and planning at every level. A plumbing renovation as a potential part of your home remodel is often overlooked.

When Home Renovations Meet Plumbing Renovations: What You Need to Know

Here’s why a professional plumber should be on your list of experts to consult before a remodeling project gets underway:

  • Avoid surprises– A plumber can help with the planning phase by identifying pipe placements throughout your home. There is nothing more ominous than starting demolition and discovering a pipe you were not expecting. Having a plumber offer a consultation for possible plumbing renovations should be able to minimize the chance of encountering unwanted surprises. Also, you will have an expert who is already well-versed in your renovation project available to help take care of the wayward pipe should one appear.
  • Codes– Local plumbers will also be up to date on the current plumbing codes for your area. A home renovation project could be seen as an opportunity to update current plumbing systems for better efficiency all around.
  • Accurate estimates– Moving plumbing around is often needed when remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. Consulting with a plumbing contractor as part of the planning phase can ensure you get the best estimate. Failing to talk with a plumber can result in frustration because estimates may not be factored properly. Save yourself the stress of budget windfalls by hiring a plumber to give you an estimate beforehand.
  • Qualifications- Not all remodeling contractors keep a plumber on staff. Bigger companies may retain qualified plumbers, but smaller companies most likely don’t. Though they claim to be a “one-stop shop”, the work those companies do with the plumbing may not be high quality because they are not properly trained in that area. Don’t take the chance of your plumbing renovation being subpar. It will definitely cost you more money down the road.

Calling a plumber to be a part of your home renovation planning is a step you don’t want to miss. At Wake Forest Plumbing Company, we enjoy the challenge and creativity of plumbing renovations and would love to be a part of whatever home remodel project you are working on!