Pipe Replacement, Raleigh, NC

Pipe replacement can be done to resolve a leak or as a proactive measure for old plumbing systems.

It is a common misconception that a home’s pipes will last forever as long as they are not inadvertently damaged. The reality is that pipes do wear out over time, making pipe replacement more common, particularly in older homes, than you might think. At Wake Forest Plumbing Company, our pipe replacement services are done with meticulous care, and we are equipped to handle everything from a small section that has been damaged to replacing an old style of pipe that is unsafe or constantly leaking.

Pipe Replacement in Raleigh, North Carolina

Pipe replacement can come up because of a burst pipe in the winter, corrosion from putting caustic materials down the drain, pinholes from age, or many other situations. Sometimes the problem is quite apparent because you have a flood of water in your Raleigh, North Carolina home, but other times the leaks can be so minimal that you don’t suspect a problem until you see your water bill inch up each month. If you suspect that you need pipe replacement, we welcome your call, and we’ll do a thorough inspection to see what condition your home’s pipes are in.

Pipe replacement can also be a proactive measure. If you have purchased an historic house and do not want to run the risk of severe water damage, whole-house repiping should be done. We are happy to assess your historic home to determine if this is advised and discuss the process so you can make an informed decision.

If you would like to know more about our pipe replacement services, which are available for both residential and commercial properties, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

At Wake Forest Plumbing Company, we offer pipe replacement services in Wake Forest, Zebulon, Youngsville, Louisburg, Raleigh, North Raleigh, Knightdale, Wendell, Rolesville, Neuse, and Stony Hill, North Carolina.